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A Children’s Story – “The Adventure of Tonna and Shanna” #1

I wrote this story when I was 10 years of age. My Mother saved it for me, a treasure from my childhood. As a child, I created the characters, story-line, plot and the location. It is a story about horses, adventure, heroes, villains, friendship… and much more. 

I will be sharing the chapters on my page, with minimal editing to the original rough draft. I hope you enjoy it. (By the way… I am 52 years old now.)

The Adventure of Tonna and Shanna. 

CHAPTER 1 – Tonna and Shanna

Simon was a young lad that owned five horses, two stallions and three mares. Simon took very good care of his horses because they all were very gentle and kind to him. Simon named his horses Misty, Shonna, Daisy, Shan and Sham. Misty was a rusty color, Shonna was black as night, Daisy was white as snow, Shan was a tan color and Sham was black with white rings around his eyes. Misty, Shonna and Daisy were mares. Shan and Sham were stallions.

One day when Simon was going to feed and comb Shonna, he saw two young fillies lying beside her. One of the young fillies had her head up and she had two spots on her forehead. Then the other filly lifted her head up and she had two spots on her neck. They were the most beautiful fillies Simon had ever seen for they were both black as night except for the two white spots on each of them. He just couldn’t stop staring at them.

Then Great Abiga, the master of the town, rode by and he called his horses to stop and said, “My young lad what are you staring at?”

“There have just been two fillies born and they are so beautiful and pretty and I can’t stop staring at them,” said Simon

“Let me see these two fillies,” said the Great Abiga. He got out of his carriage and walked over to the stable to look at the fillies.

“My goodness, those are the most beautiful fillies I have ever seen,” said Abiga ever so surprised.

By now a crowd had gathered around to see what was happening and why he as so surprised.

“Well, Sir Abiga, what shall I do with them?” said Simon.

“I say you keep good care of those two fillies until they are big enough to run and then we shall try and train them to be ridden,” said Abiga. Then Abiga got back into his carriage and rode away. The crowd went away too, except for one boy about Simon’s age.

“Why didn’t you leave with the others?” Simon said to the boy.

“I wanted to see the two fillies. May I?” asked the boy.

“Yes, you may, but first tell me your name,” said Simon

“My name is Monno. Now may I see the fillies?” asked Monno impatiently.

“Not yet. I am going to ask you some more questions. How old are you and where do you live?” asked Simon.

“I am eleven years old and I live on 119 Abigil Street. Now may I see the fillies?” said Monno, more impatiently.

“Come over. Come see the fillies. Follow me, Monno, come on”, said Simon excitedly.

“They are beautiful, and the cutest fillies I have ever seen. I wish I owned one, Simon,” sighed Monno.

“I have got to hurry. I must feed Shonna and her fillies, and all of my other horses. Would you like to help me?” asked Simon.

“I sure will. Anything to help my new friend, and then can we name the fillies?” asked Monno.

“Yes, but I have to hurry,” said Simon.

After they fed and combed all of Simon’s mares and stallions, they went back to Shonna’s stable and tried to decide on names for the two fillies.

“How about Misty or Finny or Spotty or Patchy?” asked Monno.

“No, I already have a horse named Misty and I want the fillies to rhyme with Shonna, their mother,” stated Simon.

“Shanna,” said Monno.

“Yes, that is a perfect name for the one with the two spots on her forehead,” said Simon.

“Another name for the other one could be Tonna or something,” said Monno once again.

“Yes, yes. That is what it shall be and since you named both of them you can have Shanna to ride when she gets trained,” said Simon.

“Oh, thank you so very much, Simon. I have to go now. I’ll see you tomorrow. Good bye,” said Monno.

(to be continued…)

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