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A Children’s Story – “The Adventure of Tonna and Shanna” #2

I wrote this story when I was 10 years of age. My Mother saved it for me, a treasure from my childhood. As a child, I created the characters, story-line, plot and the location. It is a story about horses, adventure, heroes, villains, friendship… and much more. 

I will be sharing the chapters on my page, with minimal editing to the original rough draft. I hope you enjoy it. (By the way… I am 52 years old now.)


That night Simon slept with Shonna and her fillies. In the middle of the night something awoke Simon. It was the nudge of Shonna’s nose. She was nudging him because she wanted him to help the fillies stand up. Every time the fillies would try to stand up, their legs would get tangled up and they would fall down. Simon got up and tried to steady the two fillies so they wouldn’t fall down. He kept on trying and trying to hold them up, but they would always fall back down.

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Finally, Tonna could stand up on her wobbly legs. Simon let go of Tonna and there she stood standing on her legs. Then Simon lifted Shanna up and let go. There she stood on her four legs.

The sun was beginning to shine and Simon went over to the stable door. Sure enough, Monno was walking over to the stable.

“Hello,” said Monno to Simon. “How are the fillies, and how are you?”

“I am just fine and the fillies are fine too. As a matter of fact, they are standing up on their legs right now,” said Simon.

Simon opened the door so Monno could come in and see them. Just as Monno walked in, the two fillies fell down. Simon and Monno walked over to the fillies and lifted them both up. They stayed up and tried to walk, but they just fell down again. Simon and Monno lifted them up again. Tonna took one step forward. She didn’t fall down. She took another step and another until she was across the stable. She walked back again and stood by her mother.

Then Shanna took a step and didn’t fall down. Then she took another and another until she was across the stable and back, standing by her mother, too. Then Simon said “Monno, do you think that they will be able to run pretty soon?”

“I don’t know, but I hope so,” said Monno.

“I think the Great Abiga is going to do something with them when they get ready to be trained. I don’t know what he is going to do with them,” said Simon

“Maybe he is going to train them or sell them or something. Of course, I don’t know what he is going to do to them, but I hope that he doesn’t do anything bad to them or sell them,” said Monno.

Meanwhile, Shanna and Tonna were trying to learn how to run, but they couldn’t do anything but walk around the stable. Then Tonna started to trot and Shanna watched so she could get the hang of how to do it. Simon and Monno were watching Tonna and Shanna trot around the stable.

Then Monno said is surprise, “Look at that brown spot on Tonna. The Great Spirit is looking down on us to see that we take good care of Tonna. Look at Shanna. She has a tan spot, the good luck spot. We may be able to have good luck and keep Tonna and Shonna. We must not treat them bad or else we may have bad luck. That would be very, very bad luck,” said Monno.

Then the Great Abiga of the town rode by again making sure everything was okay. He said to Simon, “My young lad. How are your young fillies doing? Have you named them yet?”

“Yes, I have,” replied Simon

“What are they and who is that young lad with you?” The Great Abiga asked.

“The names of the fillies are Tonna and Shanna,” said Simon.

“I say once again, what is the name of that lad with you?” growled Abiga.

“His name is Monno and he lives on 119 Abigil Street. Are there any more questions you would like me to answer? Any more questions, Sir Abiga?” asked Simon.

Abiga tapped his foot and said “Yes, there is one more question. What is the mare’s name that had these 2 fillies?”

“The name of the mare is Shonna,” Simon replied.

“Very good. Very good, my young lad. How would you like to leave Sabarth and go to Manoose. How would you like that?” asked Abiga.

“Would I be able to take my friend Monno, and Tonna and Shanna, the two fillies?” asked Simon.

“Yes, yes of course you can take Tonna and Shanna to Monoose,” Abiga said.

“Do you really mean it?! Do you really mean it?!” shouted Simon.

“Of course I do, do you think I would tell lie?” said Abiga.

“No, Sir Abiga, but I have never been out of Sabarth town,” Simon replied.

“Am I going to go too?”  Monno asked Abiga.

“If your friend wants you to,” said Abiga to Monno.

“Do you want me to come along?” Monno asked Simon.

“Yes, of course I do, Monno. Do you think I would leave a new best friend behind?” said Simon.

“Well, ahhh no…  but I don’t know if I can come with you because I haven’t asked my Mother and Father,” Monnos thought out loud.

Simon looked at him and said, “Then go ask them if you can, Monno”

Monno asked “I was going to do that, but can you come with me?”

“I suppose I could, but I have to talk to the Great Abiga and see when we are leaving,” said Simon.

“Okay, I will go alone and I’ll be right back.” So Monno went to his house and asked his Mother and Father.

While he was asking, Simon and Abiga were talking about the time they were leaving and when.

“I can, I can,” shouted Monno. “I can! I can! I can go with you Simon. I can!”

“Great!” yelled Simon.

“When are we leaving?” asked Monno.

Simon squinted and said “As soon as the fillies can walk and I get vacation.”

“Good, because I can stay with you until we leave,” said Monno.

Then Abiga got back into his carriage after they were done talking about the trip.”

(to be continued)

Thank you for reading my post.

Here is the link to the first post of the story. You can also find it on my blog page.


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