What is Ghosting? (Dating and A Shoebox House)

Ghosting is a common phenomenon that actually has it’s own word in the dictionary now. It has been alive for centuries and has developed into a cultural activity that is one of the stepping stones into the deterioration of humanity and social relationships. At the very least, it is when someone is too immature to let you know they are not interested in a relationship with you, so they just disappear.

I have read several articles and blogs about “Ghosting” and, essentially, nobody knows what do to about it or how to logically deal with it., but people are starting to open up about it. I read a blog written by a guy “In Defense of Ghosting Out of Relationships”. That explains part of it and is like saying “I am a total jerk and I know it’s not right to Ghost someone, but I don’t give a crap and I’m going to do it anyway”.

There are different levels and tiers of Ghosting ranging from a simple swipe on a dating site, blocking someone on social media, blowing someone off after a few dates, and yes, terminating a long-term relationship by simply disappearing. Ghosting is one of the most severe forms of the “silent treatment” and wreaks havoc on the mind’s ability to even process what happened. Anyone who has been Ghosted knows the effects on a person’s self-esteem, increasing self-doubt, obsessing, making excuses for the offender, and questioning every other relationship in their life, and sometimes… their mere existence.

After experiencing Ghosting myself, I read up on how to deal with it.  I doubt that simply following a blog, text book or the advice of another person will make you feel better, but it will give you some ideas. The blogs that I read had similiar recommendations posted, like self-talk, get a hobby and spend time with friends.

Recovering from Ghosting is a journey that can only be undertaken by the person who has been Ghosted. I heard statements like: “just get over it”, “do what you have to do”,”why are you taking this so hard”, “are you okay”, “are you okay”, “are you okay”, “don’t feel bad, it happened to me too”. I know they meant well, but they had no clue how I truly felt.

If you have been ghosted, no matter what your situation, you know that it’s not easy to recreate a new reality. The old reality is gone, and it is unfair that you didn’t get to choose.

I am in the middle of the rough draft for my book, “A Shoebox House”. Last summer I experienced more than I ever wanted to with #Ghosting, #Catfishing, #Snapped, and other events that intertwined to make my online dating crusade… the perfect book material.  Excerpts of my rough draft are posting on my Blog.

If you have been “Ghosted”, please feel free to share your experience…

Thank you for reading my post!!

#AShoeboxHouse  #Ghosting #Catfish #Snapped

I also have a creative writing site: http://www.thewritekindofcrazy.com     (Check it out.)


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