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A Children’s Story – “The Adventure of Tonna and Shanna” #3

I wrote this story when I was 10 years of age. My Mother saved it for me, a treasure from my childhood. As a child, I created the characters, story-line, plot and the location. It is a story about horses, adventure, heroes, villains, friendship… and much more. 

I will be sharing the chapters on my page, with minimal editing to the original rough draft. I hope you enjoy it. (By the way… I am 52 years old now.)

Here are the links to the first 2 posts on my page for this children’s story:



“I am so excited about the trip because I haven’t ever been to Manoose before. I have wanted to go here ever since I was a little boy,” said Monno.

“Tell me why you have wanted to go to Manoose ever since you were a little boy,” said Simon

“Well, it goes like this,” started Monno. “When I was a little boy, my father left to do some work in Manoose. I begged and begged him to take me with him, but he wouldn’t let me go with him. He told me he would  bring back something for me, and also bring me pictures of Manoose.”

“The next day he left. He said goodbye to me and my mother and left for the ship. All that day I was thinking about my father. I was worried about my father, but I knew he would be alright because he always took good care of himself. That afternoon I was feeling better about my father.”

“Well, the day went on, and on, and on.  It seemed like the day would never end. Finally, the day came to an end and I went to bed.”

“Days and days went by and my father never came home. One night I heard a noise out in the yard. I jumped out of my bed and looked out the window. There, standing in the dark, I saw a figure. A figure like my fathers, but it was fatter and shorter. Then another figure came out of the carriage. It was my father. My father had come home at last!  I ran out of my bedroom door and into the kitchen, and out the front door. My mother was already out there. She was hugging my father. Then I ran out and hugged my father myself. Then we helped him carry his stuff inside.”

“Then my father pulled out a painted little horse made out of wood. Then he went over to one of his bags and pulled out some pictures of Manoose and showed them to me. After he showed all of the stuff he had brought from Manoose, we went to sleep.”

“The next morning my father was out working in his shop. I was looking at the pictures of Manoose and wishing I could be there. “

Father's trip and wooden horse



“That is why I have always wanted to go to Manoose ever since I was a little boy”, said Monno.

“I can see why you have always wanted to go to Manoose because it is a nice city, but it is a little bit crowded and dusty”, said Simon.

“How do you know what it looks like? Have you been there before?” asked Monno.

“Yes. I do, because I was born there,” Simon said.

“You were? What did it look like where you lived?” asked Monno.

Simon remembered “Well, it was a little crowded but not too dusty. And there were bright colors everywhere.”

“Oh, you’re lucky. I wish I was born in Manoose,” said Monno

“We must get our bags packed because we are leaving for Manoose tomorrow,” Simon said.

Monno was excited. “Oh boy, I can hardly wait to leave! But I am going to miss my mother and father.”

“When we are in Manoose you won’t be homesick because we will be having so much fun!” said Simon knowingly.

“I am not so sure that I will not be homesick. My mother and father are very kind to me,” Monno said sadly.

“You’ll be over missing them because we won’t be back until seven years from when we leave tomorrow,” said Simon.

“I think I miss them already,” said Monno with a sadder tone.

“Say, I think we had better go to feed the horses. Oh no!” said Simon in a worried voice. “I don’t have anyone to take care of my horses while I am gone.”

“That’s right,” said Monno. “We’ll have to get someone and someone right now. I know, I’ll go out and ask some boys if they will.”

Simon looked relieved. “Perfect idea. What I do without you now, Monno?”

Simon went on feeding and combing the horses while Monno went to find someone to take care of Simon’s horses while they were gone.

Monno walked down the street until he saw boy that he knew standing by a tree.

“Would you like to take care of five horses for seven years while a friend and I are gone?” asked Monno.

“Boy would I ever! I always wanted to take care of some horses or even own one of my own. Do you mind if I ask one or two questions?” asked the boy.

“Sure you can, if I can ask some questions too,” said Monno.

“It’s a deal. Now, the first question I want to ask is; what is the name of your friend?” the boy asked.

“Simon,” said Monno.

“Oh. Him. Wow! He has beautiful horses, doesn’t he! Oh, and the second question I want to ask is; where are you going and who is going with you?” the boy asked.

“We are going to Manoose, across the ocean, and we are going with the great Abiga,” answered Monno.

“Best beware,” said the boy. “The Great Abiga plays many good tricks on people when they go on trips with him.” He was surprised at Monno and Simon for going with the Great Abiga on a trip across the ocean.

“I have to tell that to Simon right away.  By the way, what is your name?” Monno asked, as they were walking toward Simon’s horse stall.

“My name is Marco Slach and my street number is 551 Slach Street. We got our last name from the name of our street, Slach,” said Marco.

They reached the horse stalls. They looked in Misty’s stall. Simon was not there. They looked in Daisy’s stall. Simon was not there either.

horse in stall

Monno stated, “The only place Simon could be is in Shonna’s stall.”

They went over to Shonna’s stall. Sure enough, there was Simon, feeding Tonna and Shanna and combing Shonna. Shonna’s coat sparkled in the sunlight. Tonna and Shanna’s coats shined and sparkled just like their mothers’.

“Hey Simon!” Monno called. “I found a boy to take care of your horses.”

“Did you bring him with you? Do you know him? I would like to know what he looks like,” Simon stated.

“Yes, I did. He’s right behind me,” said Monno as they walked into the stall.

“He looks like a good boy to me. What’s his name and where does he live?” Simon asked.

“His name is Marco Slach and he lives at 551 Slach Street,” said Monno to Simon.

Marco was excited. “Thank you, Simon, thank you! I‘ve always wanted a horse to take care of on my own! I want lots of horses when I get older. What time do you think you’ll be leaving?”

‘We’ll be leaving tomorrow around 9:00 in the morning, or sometime around there,” said Simon calmly.

“Simon,” said Monno, ”Marco told me that whoever went on a trip with the Great Abiga has many good tricks played on them.”

“That is right,” said Simon. “The Great Abiga does play good, very good, and many, many good tricks on people and kids who go on trips with him. We have to think of a plan so he can’t play any tricks on us. Not even one trick.”


Monno heard his mother calling him to come home for lunch.

“Well, I guess I have to go now. I’ll be back after I eat lunch and pack my bag. I’ll see you all after that. Bye!” Monno yelled back to them.

Then Marco started to leave.

“Please don’t leave,” begged Simon. “Please help me think of a plan until Monno comes back and then we can tell him all of the plans we have made.”

“I suppose I could, but I’d have to each lunch after we tell Monno our plans, if we have any,” answered Marco. Marco started to walk toward the stall. “I’ve got a great idea. We can……,” Marco stopped talking.

Simon interrupted and said “Tonna and Shanna are coming with us! I forgot all about them coming with us.”

“Who are Tonna and Shanna?” asked Marco.

“Didn’t you come around when the Great Abiga was talking about the fillies? Did you come?” Simon asked.

“I must not have because I did not know about the 2 fillies that we born named Tonna and Shanna. Only Dolly’s colts named Rubarn and Basher. I also heard that 2 colts had been born from a mare whose name is Silesia, and her two colts were named Joshua and Abdulla. Then there was a mare named Cheley, and she had one filly named Cheyenne and….” Marco was interrupted by Simon.

“Oh well, come one. I will show you Tonna and Shanna,” Simon sighed.

“After that, don’t you think we should start making plans that you and Monno are going to use on the trip? Your trip with the Great Abiga,” asked Marco as they walked toward Tonna and Shanna.

“Yes. I think we should do that and I think we had better get some plans made before Monno gets back,” said Simon.

(to be continued to Post #4)

Thank you for reading my post and enjoy your day!

Marco and Monno

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