What is a A Shoebox House? It’s a true story of Ghosting…

It’s not the kind of ghosting that happens in haunted houses and cemetaries. It’s the kind of ghosting described as “disappearing” on someone, usually another person-of-interest. That’s right, they just disappear. Whether it’s after a few friendly text’s or after a 20-year relationship, it still hurts.

I know… I know… another online dating story. Not really, though.

I met a guy last spring on Plenti-of-Fish and we got along quite well, so I decided to go meet him for lunch. I live in Bozeman, and he lived in Great Falls – about a 3 hour drive. As I was leaving to head back to Bozeman, I invited him to come stay with me and check out the recreation in Bozeman.

Over the summer, we loved the outdoors in the Gallatin Valley, and I had private time away when I went to Great Falls to visit.

He disappeared on July 27, 2017.

Everyone has a footprint somewhere, especially with the internet, but Lyle Waynes did not exist. He ceased all means of communication… his phone and his computer, he was just gone.

In the book, “The Shoebox House”, you’ll learn what I went through trying to find out what happened to him. I share actual poems, emails, instant messages and written letters. The few people who have read my rough draft tell me it’s so compelling they can’t stop until the end.

I am searching for references for people to review my book before I launch it. Any suggesions?

Thank you,



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