A Children’s Story – “The Adventure of Tonna and Shanna” #5

I wrote this story when I was 10 years of age. My Mother saved it for me, a treasure from my childhood. As a child, I created the characters, story-line, plot and the locations. It is a story about horses, adventure, heroes, villains, friendship… and much more. 

I will be sharing the chapters on my page, with minimal editing to the original rough draft. I hope you enjoy it. (By the way… I am 52 years old now.)

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“What trick do you think Abiga will play on us, Monno,” Simon asked.

I don’t know, but he might not even play a trick on us. And if he doesn’t, that means that we have been treating Tonna and Shanna good and the great spirits have appreciated what we have done for them,” answered Monno.

“Well, I sure hope that the great spirits have appreciated what we have done for them because I want to get back well and alive,” said Simon.

“So do I. If Abiga plays a trick on us, I hope he plays one that isn’t so bad,” said Monno.

“Don’t you think we had better get to sleep, because if we don’t we will be very tired in the morning and won’t be able to walk,” Simon said sleepily.

“Yes, I do think we should get some sleep because I want to go to Manoose tomorrow. Good night, Simon,” Monno said.

“Good night,” Simon said back to Monno.”

That night they slept very well. The next morning when they woke up they weren’t sleepy at all.

“Good morning, Simon and Monno,” Abiga said as he walked into the room.

“Good morning, Abiga,” Simon and Monno said back.

“How did you sleep last night?” Abiga asked.

“Just fine, Abiga, just fine,” answered Simon in a loud voice for he was not shy like he was last night.

“Yes, just fine. And how did you sleep last night?” Monno asked.

“I slept just fine, and now let’s go and have some breakfast.” (Abiga)

“Yes, lets! I’m starved,” said Monno.

They went down to the dining room and sat down at their places. “Here comes the oatmeal and camel milk that we are going to have,” said Abiga while licking his lips.

“My, that looks delicious. I can hardly wait to taste it,” Simon said licking his lips too.

“One glass of camel milk for you, Abiga, and here is your oatmeal,” said the chef as he gave him his camel milk and oatmeal. “Here is some for both of you as well,” said the chef as he gave Simon and Monno their camel milk and oatmeal.

After Simon, Monno and Abiga had eaten, they fed Tonna and Shanna. Then Abiga told one of his guards to get the carriage ready and then told his messenger to tell the captain of the ship that they were coming and to have the ship ready to leave.

After all of this was done, it was about a quarter after eight and they were about to get into the carriage when Simon said, “Where is the food for Tonna and Shanna?”

“It’s in the back with them on a shelf,” answered Abiga.

At a quarter to nine they were on their way to the dock.

Soon they reached the dock. Everyone was on board. Simon, Monno, Abiga, Tonna and Shanna. Everyone in the village was at the dock to say good-bye. Marco was there and he even had Shonna with him. Mr. and Mrs. Gonna were there (they are Monno’s mother and father).

“Good-bye,” everyone said.

“Good-bye,” said Abiga, Simon, Monno and the captain.

It was a long time before anyone aboard saw any land. It was July seventeenth when they left and now it was the thirtieth of October.

“I see land!,” cried out one of the crew.

“Hurray,” shouted Monno and Simon.

“Neigh,” cried Tonna and Shanna, as if they knew what the person said.

“See the high tower on the right side of the town? That’s where I was born! Right next to it!,” Simon said in a very excited voice.

The all of a sudden, “THUD”! They hit shore. Everyone started unloading. Tonna and Shanna jumped off the ship and onto the sand. They ran around on it as if it were their home.

Tonna came up to Simon and rubbed his nose against Simon’s arm. Shanna did the same thing to Monno. A royal carriage appeared on the shore.

“Come on Simon and Monno. And bring Tonna and Shanna with you,” said Abiga. They climbed into the royal carriage, and Shanna and Tonna were placed in the royal horse trailer that was hooked behind.

Soon they arrived at a huge motel with twelve candles lit up on the outside and about 200 inside.

That night Tonna and Shanna slept in the horse stall just outside of the motel, and Simon and Monno slept in one of the finest rooms in the motel. Of course, Abiga slept in the very best and finest of them all. All of Abiga’s guards slept in the guard room.

“I see that Abiga didn’t play a trick on us,” said Simon.

“No, he didn’t. We are probably the first ones that he has never played a trick on,” said Monno.

“Maybe its Tonna and Shanna that he wanted, not us. Do you think we should run away?” asked Simon.

“Yes, I think we should. And we had better get some money from Abiga before we go. Don’t you think so? Monno asked.

“Yes, I think we should and we should do it tonight,” Simon whispered.

“Tonight? Why tonight? We have a whole week before we leave this motel,” Monno said.

“I know, but if we still want to be alive tomorrow then we had better leave tonight.”

“Okay,” said Monno.

Boys in Stall.jpeg

They got out of bed and dressed quietly so no one would hear them. After they had got their bags packed, they went into the lounge and out the door. They went over to the horse stall and got Shanna and Tonna. They grabbed two bags of oats for Tonna and Shanna. Then they took off into the night, not making a sound.

It was about sunrise when Simon, Tonna, Monno and Shanna got out of the city limits. Simon saw the same travelers coming down the road.

“Go over into the filed, Monno. Here come some travelers,” he said.

They ran over into the field and hid. Tonna and Shanna followed. They also hid.

As the people were passing, one of them said, “Manoose is just ahead and that is where Abiga is keeping those two kids and their horses.” Then they rode on.

“Did you hear that? That’s why Abiga wanted us to come so he could give us to those people,” said Simon.

“I hhhheard tttthem,” stuttered Monno in a trembling voice.

“We had better be on our way if we are going to be far away so Abiga won’t find us. Don’t you think so?”, asked Simon.

“Yes, I do,” answered Monno.

They set off on their journey. First Simon, then Monno, then Tonna, then Shanna. Simon was beginning to get hungry and he figured it was around lunch time. He thought that the 2 people they saw before must have reached where Abiga was staying by now.

“We had better hurry, because I have a feeling that Abiga must have found out that we are gone and those people we saw would have gotten to where Abiga was staying”, Simon said to Monno.

“Do you think that we could ride on Tonna and Shanna for a while?” Monno asked Simon.

“We could try,” Simon answered.

(to be continued)

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A Children’s Story – “The Adventure of Tonna and Shanna” #4

I wrote this story when I was 10 years of age. My Mother saved it for me, a treasure from my childhood. As a child, I created the characters, story-line, plot and the location. It is a story about horses, adventure, heroes, villains, friendship… and much more. 

I will be sharing the chapters on my page, with minimal editing to the original rough draft. I hope you enjoy it. (By the way… I am 52 years old now.)

Here are the links to the first 3 posts on my page for this children’s story, they are also on my blog.

https://wordpress.com/post/rhondaphelps.com/239    #1

https://wordpress.com/post/rhondaphelps.com/252    #2

https://wordpress.com/post/rhondaphelps.com/272    #3

When they got over to Tonna and Shanna, they stroked them and then they went over to Shonna, Tonna and Shanna’s mother. They stroked her and started to walk out of the horse stall. The Great Abiga rode by. He was making his rounds and checking on every street to make sure everyone was well managed and doing their jobs right.

“Duck, Marco, duck,” yelled Simon.

They both ducked down. “Why should we duck, Simon?” asked Marco in a very quiet whisper.

“I do not want the great Abiga to see us. I don’t want him to see us because he will ask us too many questions and we don’t have time for that,” replied Simon.

The great Abiga rode by and was down the road before Simon and Marco left their hiding spot. While they were down behind the stall door, they were talking about the plans they needed to make for the trip.

“Hi, Simon and Marco. Come into the horse stall with me,” Monno said to Simon and Marco as he was coming down the road. Monno, Marco and Simon walked down to the other horse stall together. As soon as they were inside the stall, Simon and Marco started to talk about the plans.

“Marco, time for lunch!” a woman’s voice called out.

“Well, I guess I have to go home to eat lunch now. Good-bye,” said Marco.

“Good-bye,” said Monno and Simon back to Marco. “Be here in the morning to feed and comb the horses. And, by the way, Tonna and Shanna won’t be here,” Simon said after Marco had gone through the stall door and down the road.

“Now tell me, what are your plans for the trip,” stated Simon.

“Well, it goes like this, the Great Abiga must want something to do with Tonna and Shanna, otherwise he wouldn’t ask you if you wanted to go along. He knew that you would want to take Tonna and Shanna along so he asked you. We thought that we would be able to stay with Tonna and Shanna most of the trip. If that doesn’t work, then we would have to build a little raft or boat of some sort to escape on. I hope he isn’t going to play a trick on us. Do you think that is a very good plan for the trip, Simon?’ Monno asked.

“Yes. I do think that will work out okay and if he doesn’t play any tricks on us, then we can travel all around the desert. After the desert we would go home to Sabarth Town. I hope the Great Abiga doesn’t play any tricks on us,” answered Simon.

They then went over to where Tonna and Shanna were standing.

“Neigh,” said Tonna to them.

“Neigh,” said Shanna to us.

“Neigh,” they both said at the same time to the filly’s mother.

“Neigh,” she said back to them.

Tonna started walking toward Simon. Then Shanna started walking toward Monno. Simon went over to where he kept Shonna, Tonna, and Shanna’s sugar cubes. He took out ten of them. Simon gave 3 to Monno so he could feed them to Shanna. Then Simon gave him 2 other pieces of sugar so he could feed them to Shonna. Simon held out his hand to Tonna. Tonna sniffed his hand and took the sugar cube. Then Monno put out his hand to Shanna and she sniffed his hand and took the sugar cube from it.

Simon went over to Shonna and held out his hand. Shonna took the sugar cube out of his hand. Then Monno did the same. Both Monno and Simon held out their hands to Tonna and Shanna. The fillies took the sugar at the same time. Then Simon gave Tonna her last sugar cube and Monno gave Shanna her last sugar cube.

There was a knock at the stall door. It was the Great Abiga.

“Come, you two, come with me so that you can sleep in my palace until tomorrow. You may bring Tonna and Shanna along to sleep in my horse stall,” the Great Abiga said.

Simon and Monno got their bags from the corner and got some rope to tie around Tonna and Shanna’s necks. They tied the ropes around their necks, but they wouldn’t move. Shonna understood that they should go with them so she nudges the fillies with her nose so they would go. They started to walk toward Simon and Monno and walked along beside them.

When they got out the stall door, they sat in the royal carriage and two of Abiga’s guards let Tonna and Shanna into the royal trailer behind.

Inside the Carriage.jpeg

The royal carriage was decorated with gold paint on the outside and soft cushions inside. The cushions were crimson with white cushions around the wall. The royal trailer behind the royal carriage was also gold painted, but with fresh hay on the floor, and white paint on the walls of it.

Outside Carriage.jpeg


The Great Abiga was riding around town, just to say good-bye to everyone.

“Good-bye, great Abiga,” everyone called. Everyone knew that he was going on a trip and his brother from Ramith Town was coming to his place until he came back.

Then Simon, Monno and Abiga got to his palace, the same two guard that had let Tonna and Shanna into the royal trailer led them out and put them in the royal stall where Abiga’s other horses stayed.

The Great Abiga had many horses. Abiga’s favorite horse was pure black with a white star on her forehead. Her name was “The Royal Silesia”, the one who had two colts named Joshua and Adbulla.

The royal carriage went on until it came to a tunnel. The royal carriage went into the tunnel and stopped at the end. One guard got off of the royal carriage and took two sticks out of his pocket and rubbed them together and started a fire on one of the sticks. He went along the wall and pushed on a place in the wall and a door opened. The Great Abiga got out first, then Simon, and then Monno last. All of the guards went behind Monno. All except one guard, the one who lit the stick, went in last of all. Before he left, he blew out the fire on the stick and went in and shut the door.

Soon they all came to Abiga’s big main room. It had cushioned chairs and cotton pillows. It also had little bells to ring if you needed anything.

“Come,” Abiga said. “I will show you your room.”

He led Simon and Monno into a room with soft beds and two bells to ring if you needed anything.

“How do you like it?” Abiga asked.

“It’s too much great Abiga. It’s just too much,” answered Simon.

“I can afford it,” the Great Abiga barked. “What do you think of it, Monno? Speak up.”

“Just like Simon said. It’s too much, it’s just too much,” quoted Monno.

Abiga sighed. “Come now, it is time to eat supper.”

On the way to the dining room, Simon asked, “What will Tonna and Shanna eat? There is nobody out there to feed them.”

“There is a little tunnel going down to the stall and we put the food in a basket  and we push it down the tunnel,” Abiga answered.

“So then Tonna and Shanna will get fed?” asked Simon again.

“Yes, they will. Now let’s go get seated so we may eat,” Abiga said.

They sat down at a table that had a blue tablecloth over it. It also had three candles on it. One candle was at one end of the table, one in the middle, and one near the other end.

“What is for supper tonight?” asked Abiga.

“Roasted crab tonight. And tomorrow morning you and your guests shall have oatmeal with camel milk over it,” the chef answered.

Then two of Abiga’s other chefs brought  in a bit pot of roasted crab.

“It looks delicious, wouldn’t you say so?” Abiga said to Simon and Monno.

“Yes, it looks delicious, Sir Abiga. It looks like the best food I am ever going to taste in my whole life, Sir Abiga,” Simon answered.

“What about you, Monno,” Abiga asked. “Don’t you think it looks delicious and please don’t call me Sir Abiga, just Abiga.”

“Yes. It does look delicious, awfully delicious Sir Ab… I mean Abiga,” Monno answered in a shy voice.

“Then, let’s start eating now. You must be starved,” said Abiga.

“We are starved, Abiga,” said Simon and Monno together.

The started eating and Abiga said “What time do you want to leave tomorrow?”

“How about nine o’clock in the morning?” asked Simon.

“That’s fine. Let’s see… we’ll get up around seven o’clock and get dressed and eat breakfast. Tonna and Shanna will be fed and my guards will get the carriage ready. I’ll tell one of my messengers to ride over and tell the captain of the ship that we are coming. We will ride down to the dock, get on the ship and then it should be around nine o’clock. Can you be on time, Monno and Simon?” Abiga asked.

“Just fine, Abiga, just fine. We’ll be ready,” said Monno.

Simon paused and said “Yes, just fine Abiga, but I have one question to ask.”

“What is the question?” Abiga said gruffly.

“What time do you think we will get back to Manoose?” Simon asked.

“I don’t really know the answer to that question, Simon,” answered Abiga.

Then they went on eating. Night came and everyone went to bed, except for the guards, of course.

In Bed.jpeg


(to be continued)

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A Children’s Story – “The Adventure of Tonna and Shanna” #3

I wrote this story when I was 10 years of age. My Mother saved it for me, a treasure from my childhood. As a child, I created the characters, story-line, plot and the location. It is a story about horses, adventure, heroes, villains, friendship… and much more. 

I will be sharing the chapters on my page, with minimal editing to the original rough draft. I hope you enjoy it. (By the way… I am 52 years old now.)

Here are the links to the first 2 posts on my page for this children’s story:





“I am so excited about the trip because I haven’t ever been to Manoose before. I have wanted to go here ever since I was a little boy,” said Monno.

“Tell me why you have wanted to go to Manoose ever since you were a little boy,” said Simon

“Well, it goes like this,” started Monno. “When I was a little boy, my father left to do some work in Manoose. I begged and begged him to take me with him, but he wouldn’t let me go with him. He told me he would  bring back something for me, and also bring me pictures of Manoose.”

“The next day he left. He said goodbye to me and my mother and left for the ship. All that day I was thinking about my father. I was worried about my father, but I knew he would be alright because he always took good care of himself. That afternoon I was feeling better about my father.”

“Well, the day went on, and on, and on.  It seemed like the day would never end. Finally, the day came to an end and I went to bed.”

“Days and days went by and my father never came home. One night I heard a noise out in the yard. I jumped out of my bed and looked out the window. There, standing in the dark, I saw a figure. A figure like my fathers, but it was fatter and shorter. Then another figure came out of the carriage. It was my father. My father had come home at last!  I ran out of my bedroom door and into the kitchen, and out the front door. My mother was already out there. She was hugging my father. Then I ran out and hugged my father myself. Then we helped him carry his stuff inside.”

“Then my father pulled out a painted little horse made out of wood. Then he went over to one of his bags and pulled out some pictures of Manoose and showed them to me. After he showed all of the stuff he had brought from Manoose, we went to sleep.”

“The next morning my father was out working in his shop. I was looking at the pictures of Manoose and wishing I could be there. “

Father's trip and wooden horse



“That is why I have always wanted to go to Manoose ever since I was a little boy”, said Monno.

“I can see why you have always wanted to go to Manoose because it is a nice city, but it is a little bit crowded and dusty”, said Simon.

“How do you know what it looks like? Have you been there before?” asked Monno.

“Yes. I do, because I was born there,” Simon said.

“You were? What did it look like where you lived?” asked Monno.

Simon remembered “Well, it was a little crowded but not too dusty. And there were bright colors everywhere.”

“Oh, you’re lucky. I wish I was born in Manoose,” said Monno

“We must get our bags packed because we are leaving for Manoose tomorrow,” Simon said.

Monno was excited. “Oh boy, I can hardly wait to leave! But I am going to miss my mother and father.”

“When we are in Manoose you won’t be homesick because we will be having so much fun!” said Simon knowingly.

“I am not so sure that I will not be homesick. My mother and father are very kind to me,” Monno said sadly.

“You’ll be over missing them because we won’t be back until seven years from when we leave tomorrow,” said Simon.

“I think I miss them already,” said Monno with a sadder tone.

“Say, I think we had better go to feed the horses. Oh no!” said Simon in a worried voice. “I don’t have anyone to take care of my horses while I am gone.”

“That’s right,” said Monno. “We’ll have to get someone and someone right now. I know, I’ll go out and ask some boys if they will.”

Simon looked relieved. “Perfect idea. What I do without you now, Monno?”

Simon went on feeding and combing the horses while Monno went to find someone to take care of Simon’s horses while they were gone.

Monno walked down the street until he saw boy that he knew standing by a tree.

“Would you like to take care of five horses for seven years while a friend and I are gone?” asked Monno.

“Boy would I ever! I always wanted to take care of some horses or even own one of my own. Do you mind if I ask one or two questions?” asked the boy.

“Sure you can, if I can ask some questions too,” said Monno.

“It’s a deal. Now, the first question I want to ask is; what is the name of your friend?” the boy asked.

“Simon,” said Monno.

“Oh. Him. Wow! He has beautiful horses, doesn’t he! Oh, and the second question I want to ask is; where are you going and who is going with you?” the boy asked.

“We are going to Manoose, across the ocean, and we are going with the great Abiga,” answered Monno.

“Best beware,” said the boy. “The Great Abiga plays many good tricks on people when they go on trips with him.” He was surprised at Monno and Simon for going with the Great Abiga on a trip across the ocean.

“I have to tell that to Simon right away.  By the way, what is your name?” Monno asked, as they were walking toward Simon’s horse stall.

“My name is Marco Slach and my street number is 551 Slach Street. We got our last name from the name of our street, Slach,” said Marco.

They reached the horse stalls. They looked in Misty’s stall. Simon was not there. They looked in Daisy’s stall. Simon was not there either.

horse in stall

Monno stated, “The only place Simon could be is in Shonna’s stall.”

They went over to Shonna’s stall. Sure enough, there was Simon, feeding Tonna and Shanna and combing Shonna. Shonna’s coat sparkled in the sunlight. Tonna and Shanna’s coats shined and sparkled just like their mothers’.

“Hey Simon!” Monno called. “I found a boy to take care of your horses.”

“Did you bring him with you? Do you know him? I would like to know what he looks like,” Simon stated.

“Yes, I did. He’s right behind me,” said Monno as they walked into the stall.

“He looks like a good boy to me. What’s his name and where does he live?” Simon asked.

“His name is Marco Slach and he lives at 551 Slach Street,” said Monno to Simon.

Marco was excited. “Thank you, Simon, thank you! I‘ve always wanted a horse to take care of on my own! I want lots of horses when I get older. What time do you think you’ll be leaving?”

‘We’ll be leaving tomorrow around 9:00 in the morning, or sometime around there,” said Simon calmly.

“Simon,” said Monno, ”Marco told me that whoever went on a trip with the Great Abiga has many good tricks played on them.”

“That is right,” said Simon. “The Great Abiga does play good, very good, and many, many good tricks on people and kids who go on trips with him. We have to think of a plan so he can’t play any tricks on us. Not even one trick.”


Monno heard his mother calling him to come home for lunch.

“Well, I guess I have to go now. I’ll be back after I eat lunch and pack my bag. I’ll see you all after that. Bye!” Monno yelled back to them.

Then Marco started to leave.

“Please don’t leave,” begged Simon. “Please help me think of a plan until Monno comes back and then we can tell him all of the plans we have made.”

“I suppose I could, but I’d have to each lunch after we tell Monno our plans, if we have any,” answered Marco. Marco started to walk toward the stall. “I’ve got a great idea. We can……,” Marco stopped talking.

Simon interrupted and said “Tonna and Shanna are coming with us! I forgot all about them coming with us.”

“Who are Tonna and Shanna?” asked Marco.

“Didn’t you come around when the Great Abiga was talking about the fillies? Did you come?” Simon asked.

“I must not have because I did not know about the 2 fillies that we born named Tonna and Shanna. Only Dolly’s colts named Rubarn and Basher. I also heard that 2 colts had been born from a mare whose name is Silesia, and her two colts were named Joshua and Abdulla. Then there was a mare named Cheley, and she had one filly named Cheyenne and….” Marco was interrupted by Simon.

“Oh well, come one. I will show you Tonna and Shanna,” Simon sighed.

“After that, don’t you think we should start making plans that you and Monno are going to use on the trip? Your trip with the Great Abiga,” asked Marco as they walked toward Tonna and Shanna.

“Yes. I think we should do that and I think we had better get some plans made before Monno gets back,” said Simon.

(to be continued to Post #4)

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Marco and Monno

What is Ghosting? (Dating and A Shoebox House)

Ghosting is a common phenomenon that actually has it’s own word in the dictionary now. It has been alive for centuries and has developed into a cultural activity that is one of the stepping stones into the deterioration of humanity and social relationships. At the very least, it is when someone is too immature to let you know they are not interested in a relationship with you, so they just disappear.

I have read several articles and blogs about “Ghosting” and, essentially, nobody knows what do to about it or how to logically deal with it., but people are starting to open up about it. I read a blog written by a guy “In Defense of Ghosting Out of Relationships”. That explains part of it and is like saying “I am a total jerk and I know it’s not right to Ghost someone, but I don’t give a crap and I’m going to do it anyway”.

There are different levels and tiers of Ghosting ranging from a simple swipe on a dating site, blocking someone on social media, blowing someone off after a few dates, and yes, terminating a long-term relationship by simply disappearing. Ghosting is one of the most severe forms of the “silent treatment” and wreaks havoc on the mind’s ability to even process what happened. Anyone who has been Ghosted knows the effects on a person’s self-esteem, increasing self-doubt, obsessing, making excuses for the offender, and questioning every other relationship in their life, and sometimes… their mere existence.

After experiencing Ghosting myself, I read up on how to deal with it.  I doubt that simply following a blog, text book or the advice of another person will make you feel better, but it will give you some ideas. The blogs that I read had similiar recommendations posted, like self-talk, get a hobby and spend time with friends.

Recovering from Ghosting is a journey that can only be undertaken by the person who has been Ghosted. I heard statements like: “just get over it”, “do what you have to do”,”why are you taking this so hard”, “are you okay”, “are you okay”, “are you okay”, “don’t feel bad, it happened to me too”. I know they meant well, but they had no clue how I truly felt.

If you have been ghosted, no matter what your situation, you know that it’s not easy to recreate a new reality. The old reality is gone, and it is unfair that you didn’t get to choose.

I am in the middle of the rough draft for my book, “A Shoebox House”. Last summer I experienced more than I ever wanted to with #Ghosting, #Catfishing, #Snapped, and other events that intertwined to make my online dating crusade… the perfect book material.  Excerpts of my rough draft are posting on my Blog.

If you have been “Ghosted”, please feel free to share your experience…

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#AShoeboxHouse  #Ghosting #Catfish #Snapped

I also have a creative writing site: http://www.thewritekindofcrazy.com     (Check it out.)


Majik in Montana – Dog Rescue – From a dog’s point of view


Hi, my name is Majik. I was rescued from a high-kill shelter in San Bernardino CA in September 2014. My Mom found me on Facebook and fell in love with me. I live in Montana now with my new Mom and furr-family.

When my Mom saw me this is what I looked like (below). She had no idea I was so sick, and I had to stay at a vet in CA for a month before I felt good enough to travel to my new home. A nice volunteer from the shelter in San Bernardino gave me a ride to Las Vegas  in October and my Mom met us there. I wasn’t feeling very well and I barfed in the volunteer’s car. She didn’t seem to mind, but she had to throw away my fuzzy blanket. I was so happy to see my new Mom and she even had a new blanket for me. I barfed in her car too.

Majik in CA.JPG

I was all hunched over at the shelter. They took me outside one day because they thought it was going to be the last time I would walk on the earth and see sunshine. That’s when my mom called the shelter. She had been watching me on Facebook. Mom said she just couldn’t let me die because I had such a kind soul.

Majik skinny.JPG

They took me for short walks when I was at the vet. I felt and looked horibble.

Majik on leash at Vet.JPG

Someone had filed down all of my front teeth and the nerves were showing. Mom took me to the dog-dentist as soon as she could and had them pulled. They took out 14 teeth and most of them were the size of a small pebble. I still have the pointy teeth that make me look like a vampire, and I have teeth in the back to chew my food. I felt much better – I didn’t know how much pain I was in until they were gone. Thanks, Mom!!!!

Majik teeth.JPG

Mom had to buy special medicines and food for my allergies. I had scabs all over my body because I had bad allergies – it was disgusting. I also got lots of baths with special stuff to help it go away.

I have been loved and snuggled and cared for every since. I have 2 furr-buddies that I live with and even though I am the biggest, they are the boss.

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Mom says I should study with her, and help with her blog page, whatever that is. . I can see this is going to be a big chore; maybe I’ll get extra treats.

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Dog Kisses & Hugs (maybe some slobber)


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A Children’s Story – “The Adventure of Tonna and Shanna” #2

I wrote this story when I was 10 years of age. My Mother saved it for me, a treasure from my childhood. As a child, I created the characters, story-line, plot and the location. It is a story about horses, adventure, heroes, villains, friendship… and much more. 

I will be sharing the chapters on my page, with minimal editing to the original rough draft. I hope you enjoy it. (By the way… I am 52 years old now.)


That night Simon slept with Shonna and her fillies. In the middle of the night something awoke Simon. It was the nudge of Shonna’s nose. She was nudging him because she wanted him to help the fillies stand up. Every time the fillies would try to stand up, their legs would get tangled up and they would fall down. Simon got up and tried to steady the two fillies so they wouldn’t fall down. He kept on trying and trying to hold them up, but they would always fall back down.

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Finally, Tonna could stand up on her wobbly legs. Simon let go of Tonna and there she stood standing on her legs. Then Simon lifted Shanna up and let go. There she stood on her four legs.

The sun was beginning to shine and Simon went over to the stable door. Sure enough, Monno was walking over to the stable.

“Hello,” said Monno to Simon. “How are the fillies, and how are you?”

“I am just fine and the fillies are fine too. As a matter of fact, they are standing up on their legs right now,” said Simon.

Simon opened the door so Monno could come in and see them. Just as Monno walked in, the two fillies fell down. Simon and Monno walked over to the fillies and lifted them both up. They stayed up and tried to walk, but they just fell down again. Simon and Monno lifted them up again. Tonna took one step forward. She didn’t fall down. She took another step and another until she was across the stable. She walked back again and stood by her mother.

Then Shanna took a step and didn’t fall down. Then she took another and another until she was across the stable and back, standing by her mother, too. Then Simon said “Monno, do you think that they will be able to run pretty soon?”

“I don’t know, but I hope so,” said Monno.

“I think the Great Abiga is going to do something with them when they get ready to be trained. I don’t know what he is going to do with them,” said Simon

“Maybe he is going to train them or sell them or something. Of course, I don’t know what he is going to do to them, but I hope that he doesn’t do anything bad to them or sell them,” said Monno.

Meanwhile, Shanna and Tonna were trying to learn how to run, but they couldn’t do anything but walk around the stable. Then Tonna started to trot and Shanna watched so she could get the hang of how to do it. Simon and Monno were watching Tonna and Shanna trot around the stable.

Then Monno said is surprise, “Look at that brown spot on Tonna. The Great Spirit is looking down on us to see that we take good care of Tonna. Look at Shanna. She has a tan spot, the good luck spot. We may be able to have good luck and keep Tonna and Shonna. We must not treat them bad or else we may have bad luck. That would be very, very bad luck,” said Monno.

Then the Great Abiga of the town rode by again making sure everything was okay. He said to Simon, “My young lad. How are your young fillies doing? Have you named them yet?”

“Yes, I have,” replied Simon

“What are they and who is that young lad with you?” The Great Abiga asked.

“The names of the fillies are Tonna and Shanna,” said Simon.

“I say once again, what is the name of that lad with you?” growled Abiga.

“His name is Monno and he lives on 119 Abigil Street. Are there any more questions you would like me to answer? Any more questions, Sir Abiga?” asked Simon.

Abiga tapped his foot and said “Yes, there is one more question. What is the mare’s name that had these 2 fillies?”

“The name of the mare is Shonna,” Simon replied.

“Very good. Very good, my young lad. How would you like to leave Sabarth and go to Manoose. How would you like that?” asked Abiga.

“Would I be able to take my friend Monno, and Tonna and Shanna, the two fillies?” asked Simon.

“Yes, yes of course you can take Tonna and Shanna to Monoose,” Abiga said.

“Do you really mean it?! Do you really mean it?!” shouted Simon.

“Of course I do, do you think I would tell lie?” said Abiga.

“No, Sir Abiga, but I have never been out of Sabarth town,” Simon replied.

“Am I going to go too?”  Monno asked Abiga.

“If your friend wants you to,” said Abiga to Monno.

“Do you want me to come along?” Monno asked Simon.

“Yes, of course I do, Monno. Do you think I would leave a new best friend behind?” said Simon.

“Well, ahhh no…  but I don’t know if I can come with you because I haven’t asked my Mother and Father,” Monnos thought out loud.

Simon looked at him and said, “Then go ask them if you can, Monno”

Monno asked “I was going to do that, but can you come with me?”

“I suppose I could, but I have to talk to the Great Abiga and see when we are leaving,” said Simon.

“Okay, I will go alone and I’ll be right back.” So Monno went to his house and asked his Mother and Father.

While he was asking, Simon and Abiga were talking about the time they were leaving and when.

“I can, I can,” shouted Monno. “I can! I can! I can go with you Simon. I can!”

“Great!” yelled Simon.

“When are we leaving?” asked Monno.

Simon squinted and said “As soon as the fillies can walk and I get vacation.”

“Good, because I can stay with you until we leave,” said Monno.

Then Abiga got back into his carriage after they were done talking about the trip.”

(to be continued)

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What’s in a Picture… Can you see it with my Words… ? #2

The first thing that catches my eye is the bright yellow logo just below his left elbow, on the arm of his basic gray sweatshirt. He is leaning slightly to the left, using his arm to brace himself on the mahogany wood table. His elbow and upper left bicep rest casually on a forest green fabric place-mat. His faded blue baseball cap displaying the Denver Bronco’s logo, circa 1993-1996, casts a soft shadow over his mysterious eyes and bushy eyebrows. The intensity of his stare contradicts the shine on his rosy cheek, which is creased due to the playful smile exposed beneath his pointed nose.

His black and well trimmed beard drapes a half-moon from one ear to the other, a dimple resides at the crest of his chin. Black hair plumes underneath his cap, sheltering his right ear. The left forearm crosses his body and a hand extends to rest his knuckles and folded fingers on his right arm. Gray blankets of his sweatshirt ripple across his right shoulder, intermittently waving down his arm. Looking from a distance, I see a high-spirited young man who is braced for action. I can’t help but smile back, but the ebony stare holds a sinister pulse, like he knows what you are thinking.

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