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It’s the little things…

I texted some of my friends a photo of a page stamped with my new “Copy” stamp for work this morning.

It said, “I am so excited about my new ‘copy’ stamp! It’s the little things…”

One of my friends commented “Cool! It is the little things. That’s why I love you.”

Awwww… my heart warmed.


I know, it’s silly. Put some fun in your day! Use your imagination and create your “it’s the little things” kind of life.

Short & sweet,


(The featured image is from a hiking adventure last summer in Sourdough Canyon, Bozeman, MT.)

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What’s in a Picture… Can you see it with my Words… ? #2

The first thing that catches my eye is the bright yellow logo just below his left elbow, on the arm of his basic gray sweatshirt. He is leaning slightly to the left, using his arm to brace himself on the mahogany wood table. His elbow and upper left bicep rest casually on a forest green fabric place-mat. His faded blue baseball cap displaying the Denver Bronco’s logo, circa 1993-1996, casts a soft shadow over his mysterious eyes and bushy eyebrows. The intensity of his stare contradicts the shine on his rosy cheek, which is creased due to the playful smile exposed beneath his pointed nose.

His black and well trimmed beard drapes a half-moon from one ear to the other, a dimple resides at the crest of his chin. Black hair plumes underneath his cap, sheltering his right ear. The left forearm crosses his body and a hand extends to rest his knuckles and folded fingers on his right arm. Gray blankets of his sweatshirt ripple across his right shoulder, intermittently waving down his arm. Looking from a distance, I see a high-spirited young man who is braced for action. I can’t help but smile back, but the ebony stare holds a sinister pulse, like he knows what you are thinking.

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Words just don’t get enough credit…

A word that you use over and over again that is not a “real” word, may end up in the dictionary.

The dictionary is “a users manual for communication”, as sited by Merriam-Webster. Who knew that “LOL” (laughing out loud) would achieve dictionary status? I wasn’t expecting the meaning of “SIC”, but it rang true.

WTF is listed, and why not, who doesn’t know what that means?

It seems to me that common words listed in the dictionary are the words we use frequently, and they earn the gateway to word heaven. Remember the old saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?” That quote is misleading and untrue; words will either leave a breath of life, or permanently bruise the soul. Words are powerful, think before you speak… and cradle them lightly.

Other words are skillfully created by people who have jobs to create words. Yes, really, and if you want to be a lexicographer, you can be the author or editor of a dictionary. The internet is a vast resource for word databases, if you can possibly imagine. I wonder how many people are employed to determine a new word.

As we blog every day, let’s not take advantage of the endless supply of words that we use to share our passions, photos or whatever pops into our mind. They simply just don’t get enough credit!


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